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Sanitation is a way of life.  It is the quality of living that is expressed in the clean home, the clean farm, the clean business and industry, the clean neighborhood, and the clean community.  Being a way of life it must come from within the people; it is nourished by knowledge and grows as an obligation and an ideal in human relations.
The Environmental Health Division works diligently behind the scenes to assure and improve sanitation conditions in restaurants, public swimming pools, sewage disposal, used oil recycling, underground storage tanks, and other vital but little-noticed areas. 
We work constantly to assure that you; our neighbors, family and friends, can enjoy wholesome foods in restaurants by educating food handlers in safe handling, preparation and service of the foods we all enjoy.  We work to assure that sewage is handled so it cannot have contact with humans; and properly treated in the earth so only pure water returns to the water table.  We work to educate swimming pool operators so that you and your children swim in clean water free of disease and other hazards.  We test drinking water in our lab so that you know that the water at your tap, from your town, is clean and safe.
We stand ready at all times to assist you and your neighbors, in keeping our communities clean and free of nuisances and threats to public health.  We train and practice on emergency deployment of our Mass Vaccination Clinic to respond to disasters, both natural and man-made, so that we will be prepared to serve when called.
"Contact the Enviromental Health Scientist in Your County"
Juab: Brad Johnson, LEHS, Juab County Court House, 160 North Main, Nephi, 435-623-0696. 
North Sanpete: Jason Hatch, LEHS, 20 S. 100 W. MtPleasant, 435-462-2449
South Sanpete: Contact Jason Hatch in Mt. Pleasant
East Millard: Contact Delta office, 428 E. Topaz Blvd, #D, Delta, 435-864-3612 .
West Millard: 428 E. Topaz Blvd, #D, Delta, 435-864-3612
Sevier County: Mike Grimlie, LEHS, 70 Westview Dr, Richfield, 435-896-5451 ext 331
Piute County: Contact Mike Grimlie in Richfield.
Wayne County: Contact Mike Grimlie in Richfield.


Envrionmental Health Programs:
Air Quailty
Body Art Regulations
Day Care Inspections
Drinking Water Supply
Food Safety Program
Hazardous & Toxic Materials
Lead & Radon
Solid Waste Program
Swimming Pool & Spa Monitoring
Tanning Salon Regulations
Underground Storage Tanks
Used Oil Recycling
Water Borne Diseases
Water Lab
Wastewater or Septic Tank Information




July 5, 2017