Bluechew Review

Bluechew has given me back one of the most important parts of myself. It’s a pill that counters erectile dysfunction and causes hard-ons that can last between two and three hours. If you’re aging and can’t get it up like you used to, Bluechew could turn that around. Thanks to Bluechew, I’m more potent at 44 than I was at 34!

Why I Tried Bluechew

When I first heard about Bluechew, I must admit that I was skeptical. I’d never tried any erectile pills before. The whole concept reminded me of those hoax hair re-growth products. You know, all that Hair Club for Men junk back in the 80s and 90s. I’m sure spray-on hair would work a lot better (lol).

Anyway, I’d never tried Viagra or Cialis. Heck, Viagra came out when I was in my mid-twenties, so I laughed the whole thing off. Over the years, I developed a sub-conscious blindness to mentions of Viagra. 

After I turned 40, I was slow to realize that wood issues were starting to creep upon me. I think it’s because my sex life took a back seat to work. After my divorce at age 37, I focused more on my career. For a couple years, I didn’t date at all. ED isn’t the kind of thing you notice right away.

Bluechew Review Time

I then came across something very different, a pill called Bluechew. The ads started to come my way because it matched my search queries. Like always, I was initially dismissive of the ads, but then I noticed their offer. I could try their pills for free if I used their promo code! 

With nothing to lose but a lot to possibly gain, I clicked the link. I had to complete a rather long questionnaire, but I got through it. Turns out, Bluechew screens its customers. They need to know that you’re healthy enough to take the pill. 

They also need to verify that you’re a U.S. resident. For that, I had to scan my driver’s license and send it to their in-house medical staff. Beyond that, everything was anonymous. I didn’t have to look anyone in the eye during this whole process.

The pills arrived faster than I expected. In fact, I didn’t know what to do with them when they first arrived. Do I try one out and see how hard it makes me for a solo session? Or do I wait for my next prospect? 

I decided not to waste any pills. Instead, I used this as an incentive to get out there and start meeting women again. 

Does Bluechew Work?

About two weeks after my Bluechew arrived, I was at a nearby Starbucks when I chatted up a woman who I saw reading The Sirens of Titan, my favorite book back in college. We ended up talking for an hour and exchanged numbers. 

Fast forward two weeks and we were on our second date, which brought us back to my place. The moment we got in, I welcomed her into my living room, put on a light jazz station, and ran into my bathroom to take my first Bluechew.

I knew that the pill was chewable, but only now would I learn the significance of this. Within minutes (I’m not sure how long, exactly; time flies when you’re getting raw) I was the hardest I’d been in years!

We did everything that night. It was the best sex I’d had since the early months of my marriage. Her and I dated for the next two months and had a lot more great sex. Turns out, sex and Kurt Vonnegut were the only things we had in common.

More recently, I’ve been seeing this younger woman who I met at a party. She was the friend of a friend of a work colleague. Despite our 12-year age difference, the sex has been consistent and great, thanks largely to Bluechew. 

To think I couldn’t get it up 18 months ago for that Halloween hottie! Yet here I am banging a fit young blonde with twice the potency of a guy half my age!

Each time I take Bluechew, it makes me hard within 20-30 minutes. And I mean rock hard, like I hadn’t really been in probably 10 years. (I wasn’t always paying attention when I was jerking it to porn, but I doubt those were sex-worthy hard-ons.)

Bluechew is more powerful than most ED pills because of its ingredients. It uses the same active ingredient as Viagra, sildenafil. However, it uses a slightly higher dosage than the average Viagra tablet. 

Bluechew is also highly effective because it’s a chewable pill. Therefore, it absorbs into your body within minutes. Other pills can take up to an hour to get into your system. I can’t wait that long when things are going good with me and my lady.

Bluechew is also affordable. Some of the competing pills cost twice as much. Heck, if you have sex 10 nights each month, that would run you about $1 per day. Not bad for sex than can last for hours!

What Other People Say About Bluechew

Bluechew has gotten mostly good reviews from users. Some of the stories are truly inspiring for guys like me. One guy in his 50s who swings with his wife wrote that Bluechew lets him keep it up for hours with no refractory periods. 

I’ve been having similar success with Bluechew, but with one woman at a time. Still, to think that a guy more than 10 years older than me could be using this to bang two women at once, multiple times per evening.

The only complaints I’ve seen about Bluechew is the taste. Personally, I don’t mind. It’s no candy, but that’s not what I bought it for. I’ve chewed worse-tasting pills with less exciting results.

As for side effects, the only case I’ve heard about was a guy who went against the recommended dosage and took two at once. Supposedly, the stiffness lasted all night, even after he was done and wanted to go to sleep. He had a headache the next morning.

I’ve had no side effects, but I’d never take two chewables at once. I don’t need to. One Bluechew gives me enough potency to last up to three hours. As long as you are healthy enough to pass the screening and don’t have a serious heart condition, you should be safe with Bluechew.

Bluechew Overview

Is Bluechew fast-acting?

Bluechew works twice as fast as other ED pills because you chew it, so it absorbs into your body more quickly. A Bluechew pill should work within 20 minutes after you take it.

How effective is Bluechew?

Bluechew uses more sildenafil (30mg-45mg) than mild Viagra tablets but less than some of the more controversial products on the market. Therefore, it’s generally stronger than Viagra but without the nasty side-effects of competing ED pills.

Does Bluechew have side effects?

As long as you fit the health profile and stick to the recommended doses, you shouldn’t have any side effects while using Bluechew.

How much does Bluechew cost?

After the 30-day free trial, you can order Bluechew in four monthly plans: 

  • 6 chewables for $20
  • 10 chewables for $30
  • 17 chewables for $50 
  • 34 chewables for $90

What is Bluechew shipped in?

An anonymous package. You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out that you ordered Bluechew because the name is not listed anywhere on the packaging.

The End of My Bluechew Review

Trying Bluechew is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If it wasn’t for Bluechew, I might have given up on sex. Now that I’ve regained my sexual vigor, I feel a lot more complete as a person. I love the way it makes me perform and my girlfriend loves it as well. If Bluechew can do it for me, it can do it for just about anyone. I highly recommend Bluechew.

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